About the Company

In 2008, we started out as Noble Laptops in a small storefront on Old State Route 74 in Eastgate. The business was opened with the intentions of providing affordable and reliable computer repair to the local area. It was immediately noticeable that we were filling role the well as word spread in the community and referral work started pouring in. Since we specialized in laptops, we even had other shops outsourcing certain repairs to us, mostly motherboard and dc jack repair.

Although the in-store traffic never really died off, the storefront was closed to evolve the business into a mobile, IT focused company and shed some overhead at the same time. In 2018, after operating for 10 years as Noble Laptops, we became Noble IT Services.

If you were a customer while we were Noble Laptops, worry not. We can still provide you with the same repair services as before. The biggest differences you might notice are that we do not advertise that we purchase laptops anymore and we generally do not keep them in stock. That is not to say we can’t help you get a new one though.

This is also not to say that we have only been working on laptops for the past 10 years. The owner has been doing IT work for companies in the Cincinnati area since 2005. Well over half of the work done in the past 2 years has been on-site work for the small businesses in the area. That was really the driving force behind the name change.

About the Owner – Beau Walker

Beau Walker is a UC alumni and was born destined to work with technology. At a young age he was given an old (even then) Tandy TRS-80 computer and from there on was hooked. Beau built and overclocked computers for school science fairs and even began doing repair work for some of his teachers in their homes. Eventually he ended up in Cincinnati going to UC Clermont and graduated with their Computer Network Systems degree. While in school Beau would repair or refurbish laptops on the side to help with tuition. By 2008 Beau had already been doing some creative IT work for a local company but was doing so well with the ‘side’ work he decided to make a go of it and opened Noble Laptops.

Always looking for a challenge, Beau keeps himself busy in his off time doing work on his project cars. He has supercharged 1, soon to be 2 Hondas and is in the beginning stages of a turbo/engine swap on his 1982 DeLorean (yes, the car from Back to the Future). Once it’s back on the road, feel free to ask him to bring it out to one of your service calls. He can’t take it anywhere without kids or adults wanting pictures with it.

Beau’s work ethic and creative problem solving are the driving forces behind Noble. He’s created custom disaster recovery solutions for financial institutions, saved music artists hundreds, if not thousands of hours by recovering their recordings from dying hard drives and fixed laptops for customers all over the United States. If you need someone you can trust, someone you can count on to get the job done right, Beau is your guy.