Cincinnati Data Recovery

The very first thing you should do is immediately power down and stop using the device that has/had your files on it. If it’s a matter of accidental file deletion, you risk overwriting the deleted file(s). If it’s a failing mechanical hard drive, whether it’s external or in your computer, it will only get worse as it is powered up and being used.

The second thing you should do is call us at 513-718-2580.

If you have a desktop, laptop or external hard drive that is no longer booting up, we will extract the hard drive and ‘slave’ it to our data recovery server. From there we will either backup the files or make a binary image backup of the drive and work with that.

For servers and RAID setups, we will likely take an image backup of all the drives in question prior to attempting to rebuild the RAID array.

With physically broken flash drives, it’s generally a matter of soldering a USB cable directly to the circuit board then copying the files off.

We can recover files from almost any drive provided that it (1) powers up and (2) doesn’t immediately start making a clicking noise. Although we have been able to fix some power up issues on drives in the past. For drives that fall into those categories, we have partnered with a firm dedicated to advanced data recovery services.

Note: Failing or broken drives generally cannot be repaired to the point that they are reliable again for day-to-day use. A replacement drive is usually necessary.

We proudly provide our Cincinnati Data Recovery services to the local communities of Cincinnati Ohio, including Eastgate, Batavia, Milford, Mason, Bethel, Amelia, Loveland, Indian Hill, Mariemont, Beechmont, Anderson, Mt Washington, Goshen, and more!