Cincinnati Laptop Repair

Cincinnati Laptop Repair

  • Windows won’t load or loads very slowly:
    Due to the way laptops are handled, we see a much higher failure rate of hard drives in them. This is almost always the first thing we check.

  • Won’t Power On:
    Won’t charge/power from wall
    Powers on and shuts right back off
    Broken or loose DC Jack (Also referred to as power plug)
    Won’t turn on at all
    Turns on but comes up with an error message

  • Laptop Screen Repair:
    Cracked Screen
    Lines running through it
    Really faded, dim, or flickering
    Completely Black
    Blue or Red Tint

  • Spill Damage:
    Immediately disconnect the charger and battery.
    Bring your laptop in as quick as you can.
    Hurry! It will be a priority for us too!

  • Other Damaged Hardware:
    DVD Drives
    Screen Hinges
    Cosmetic Damage
    USB Ports
    Broken Buttons

  • Virus & Malware Removal – If you’re getting strange pop-ups or if you accidentally let one of the fake “Microsoft tech support” callers onto your computer, let us have a look to make sure it’s clean.

  • Setup Backup Software – Also self-explanatory, however we see many customers using their ‘backup’ drives to simply store their pictures/data on. Unfortunately that leaves them with a single point of failure and is not the correct way to backup data.

  • New Laptop Setup – Need your software, email, settings, anti-virus, printer and wi-fi set up on your new system? Not a problem.

  • Data Recovery – We elaborate more on data recovery here, but the short of it is to stop using the computer or drive immediately and call us.

Cincinnati Laptop Upgrades

  • Solid State Drive – If your laptop has a mechanical drive, and most still come with one, this is the number one upgrade to increase its performance.  Laptop hard drives come in 2 speeds: 5400rpm and 7200rpm.  The 7200rpm speed is, as you would imagine faster.  Unfortunately most manufacturers choose to go with 5400rpm drives due to cost.

    Solid state drives are faster, much much faster, than either speed of mechanical drive.  Replacing your mechanical hard drive with a solid state hard drive will drastically decrease the time it takes to load Windows, software, and even web pages.

    A highly recommended upgrade for any laptop.

  • Mechanical Hard Drive – Although we recommend solid state drives where possible, sometimes you need more disk space than you do speed. This is where mechanical hard drives still shine because they are much cheaper per gigabyte.

  • RAM / Memory – Think of RAM as the same as your ability to do math in your head. When you run out of space in your head, you have to start writing numbers down, which is much slower. The same thing happens with RAM but instead of writing it to paper, it writes the numbers to the hard drive which is much slower than RAM. In other words, the more RAM you have, the more and bigger programs you can have running at the same time.

    4GB is the minimum for modern systems. We recommend at least 8GB.

  • Processor / CPU upgrades – Unfortunately modern laptops have processors that are integrated into the motherboard which makes them impossible, or very cost ineffective to upgrade.

    For most systems, we recommend an Intel i3 or i5 or AMD equivalent.

We proudly provide our Cincinnati Laptop Repair services to the local communities of Cincinnati Ohio, including Eastgate, Batavia, Milford, Mason, Bethel, Amelia, Loveland, Indian Hill, Mariemont, Beechmont, Anderson, Mt Washington, Goshen, and more!