Cincinnati Remote Computer Support

Many issues can be fixed remotely.  Of course, you will need to at least be able to view this web page on your computer.  If you cannot, we will likely need to see it in person.  The same goes for if your issue is a wireless or Internet connectivity problem such as slow or intermittent access.

What kind of issues do we normally work with remotely?

  • Printer set up or formatting issues
  • Virus infections, malware and annoying pop-ups
  • Miscellaneous software issues such as with Microsoft Office
  • Email client configuration issues
  • Diagnosing why a system is running slow

NOTE:  Downloading the program below does NOT give us, or anyone, access to your computer at anytime.  Our remote access is only available whenever you manually start the program.  There will be an icon placed on your desktop for quick access in the future.  You may delete this from your desktop after the session is finished or ask us to delete it while we are still connected .

We do need to speak with you first. So before you download the remote access tool, click the Contact Us button below or call us at 513-718-2580.

We proudly provide our Cincinnati Remote Computer Support services to the local communities of Cincinnati Ohio, including Eastgate, Batavia, Milford, Mason, Bethel, Amelia, Loveland, Indian Hill, Mariemont, Beechmont, Anderson, Mt Washington, Goshen, and more!